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Handmade Challenges

In 2011, I found this on my Facebook:

“Handmade Challenge”:
I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here.
THE CATCH: You must in turn promise to post this and send something you made to the first 5 people who leave you a comment. It must be handmade”

So I jumped on board and I still haven’t completed it but I signed up again for 2012.

The low down:

In 2011 I had to do 6 people:


I made a bird advent calendar. I don’t have a picture of the completed project…  but I embroidered little numbers on everything. This project  combined my love for felt and advent calendars.  You can actually find the tutorial at Skip to My Lou








For this Dr. Who fan (she actually still hasn’t received her gift– Angie is actually in possession of it) but I opted to do a clay bowl…  If my colours are wrong– please forgive me.


This one had to be shipped  to Toronto so I thought jewelry would work







The Incompletes: 


I’ve made a couple things for him but it has to be shipped to Northern Alberta so I think I’m going to re think this one. I did make their clan of puppies a dog toy but I might switch to a subversive cross stitch


Now this is the kicker– I have started about 5 different projects! I can’t decide! :p I also think I am a little intimidated because she makes fantastic things! Check her out on etsy! 

I promise though in the next two months to finish my projects so I can get going on my 2012 ones!

They include Angie, Alicia, Emily, Lyndsay and Haileigh!


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