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Felt Camera Case

Is it only just me that get’s so behind on craft’s that I end up mailing them months after the event?

Last November my sister sent me this link

And asked if I could make her one for Christmas. I bought some felt and never got around to it. Well, I can partially blame her cause she never got back to me with the measurements of her point and shoot. :p

So suddenly it is May and she is about to leave on a pretty epic two week adventure so I thought I would throw it together this afternoon.

I’m envisioning pink and purple ones…. I also have this picture saved to my felt board 

Throw it together really being the truth. My stitching was really, really off and I free handed the cutting but all in all, I think it will work for her. It was a good first go. The pictures are just taken with my phone and the dimensions look a little off because I was trying to keep the velcro pieces on the back from touching each other cause the fabric glue hadn’t dried yet.


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