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I’m sure you know all about Cake Wrecks. Now I have my own, unfortunately I can’t submit it to the website because it was a cake I made for my youngest sister’s birthday.

This is what she asked for:  Back in February! So when her birthday rolled around two weeks ago I felt the pressure to actually produce it. Let me tell you that August has not been a good month for me, I had a minor procedure the Wednesday and I was leaving for Toronto 7 am Friday morning. I was unprepared. Thursday I decided to throw the cake together.

I know, I know.

Bad idea.

A good friend of mine baked the cake and when I got home from work late Thursday I went to work.

It was downhill from there… I mixed too much chocolate into the white fondant and ended up with what I would like to call the poo cake.
Here it is Internet– probably forever. My poor sister’s cake wreck.


Funny thing is, my other sister pointed out that I never made her a cake so I know what I’l be up to in early March. Maybe I should start  planning now, that way I won’t have an excuse.


Anyways… the actual cake tasted good. White cake with lemon curd and lemon buttercream (the buttercream was the best part).




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