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Happy (belated) Halloween!

This is what I did:

Made candy meth for my friend Walter White ImageImageImage

The first attempt was trying to take his rock candy and dye that… It went too dark so I thought I would just make some hard candy. Easy stuff! But when I went to do it… my candy thermometer was broken! The first time I didn’t make it to the right stage. I ended up with taffy like stuff that I tossed cause I didn’t flavour it. The second time was perfect! I used this recipe and then this page to help me figure out when it was ready.

Next I had a party to go to so Vampire Bite Cupcakes were next.


I wanted to have more filing so I opted to cut out a piece of the cupcake to fill it with cherry pie filling.

Next I topped them with some messing icing, used red coloured corn syrup to puncture and dribble some blood.



Finally, I made my costume! I went to a pretty low key party and I was the worlds tallest gnome!!!  My attempt at free handing a shirt went terribly wrong but I saved the costume. My clay mushroom earrings and pin were okay, I forgot to take a picture of them but this hat– is fantastic