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Limited time offer

I want to do more cakes, cupcakes and baked goods. You know, in all the spare time I have. 🙂

I also feel I have maxed out a lot of my close friend’s desires for baked goods. So a brilliant friend of mine suggested doing random drop offs for old colleagues, various charity places around Ottawa AND to ask my networks if they wanted anything done. An obvious suggestion but something I haven’t been very good at doing in the past.


Want some cupcakes? A cake? cookies?

For an event that is coming up? Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday? Bridal Shower? Baby Shower?

I can work with you to come up with an idea — I look and save a lot of cake porn 

If anyone wants something done, I will do it for the cost of materials and trust me, as a student I have learned to be frugal and not sacrifice quality. Though, if your favourite cake is box mix, I’m not above that. I also have experience with allergies and intolerances, I can do gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc.


This is a mini garden cake designed for my mom’s friend. It is all edible… including the dirt. 


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