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Progress: Baby Shower gift completed

I’ve been lacking motivation. It is beautiful outside and after my horrible time trying to make the clay bowls I wasn’t feeling optimistic about my to do list.

A girlfriend had requested a mobile for her new baby. The first space ship themed one was actually what started my love affair with felt. Primitive I know but hey… :p

I wanted to do something similar to this sheep mobile but her Evernote had a couple of ideas for mobiles  and none were that one. She had this one and tons of variations of this one . So I found this tutorial and thought… I liked the shape of her clouds 🙂 I printed the clouds on both landscape and portrait… I opted to use the smaller cloud cause I wanted to make several but I used raindrops in both sizes.

A couple of weekends ago I got started on some cutting.









And boy did I cut. Apparently I was a little over eager on the amount of raindrops I would need cause I only ended up uses 18!

This is what I ended with:

Next time I wouldn’t  wrap the hoop with SMALL ribbon. I was cursing myself for only only thin and Christmas stuff. The only hoop I had that was the right size though was the bright pink one. I hope I pulled off the trying to make it look like this. lol

Things I did:

I used a machine to sew up the clouds but I left the rough edges, I thought it added to the cloud image. I also used 3 different types of white felt. I mixed and matched the fronts and backs. You can’t really tell on my iphone pics but it adds a bit in person.

I used similar coloured embroidery floss to attach the rain drops to the clouds.

I added a bit of fabric stiffner to each rain drop. Perhaps next time I would use two pieces and hand stitch them together with some stuffing.

Also, I had a horrible time keeping them untangled. wrapping it I just but each cloud in its own thing but untangling the six threads will be a little difficult.

I haven’t been able to give it to the mamma yet. Hopefully she likes it.


Sewing Machine

For Christmas I was lucky enough to get two dream machines– my Kitchen Aid Standmixer & a sewing machine.

I’ve wanted a sewing machine for a couple years even though I’ve never ever used one. This pretty model was the one I got. 

I needed a first project and with multiple first birthday’s and baby showers coming I thought sewn blocks would be a simple place to start. I used this tutorial from Make It and Love It.

And boy, did I make blocks:

I made some for my baby brother (yup, 27 year difference), I made some for my friends baby shower and more for another friends son’s birthday.

The 1, 2, 3 blocks I started them at about 1:30 am and it took about an hour to get them all done. I skipped out on the hand stitching the numbers on and opted for a fabric glue.

Next time I did these I would add things inside of the stuffing, such as a bell or crinkly paper.

They were pretty easy to put together and a HUGE hit. I spent most of my time coordinating the fabric and making sure each had the right balance of colour.

I got lazy and there were a few blocks I didn’t cut the corners out on the top and bottom blocks and it made things more difficult!