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If it is GF, DF, Egg Free– what is left?

My birthday was at the start of the month– Happy Birthday to me! And I was spending the morning w my roommate and awesome friend so I thought a coffee cake was in order but my roommate is gluten free, dairy free and now egg free. I had been slacking in the baking department since she went egg free because I was intimidated, two major changes– sure no problem but for some reason the egg threw me for a loop but I really wanted coffee cake and I wanted something all of us could eat, so I went to the internet.

I found this recipe and thought it seemed simple enough to handle the massive overhaul of changes I would have to make.

After halfing the recipe I got this: 

To answer my question — there is lots of butter and sugar left. Butter is on the okay list of roommate friendly foods. In the end I used coconut milk as the dairy substitute, a mixture of brown rice, white rice flour and flax seed for the flour (I didn’t want to use cornstarch because…) for the egg substitute I used an egg replacer which is cornstarch heavy.

In my research I also found this on Pinterest a friendly egg substitution handy breakdown on my board & here .

All in all– decent. I actually have to admit I used too much flax seed. I might have a little obsession with it though. The crumble on top was fantastic and would be amazing on a cobbler!
Random other baking– I made this one for a BBQ.


and it had to be dairy free… so I opened can’s of coconut milk and after it sat in the fridge over night, I took the cream and whipped it for filling. It took two cans to do the cake and I felt it was a little skimpy. This picture is the day after it was mostly eaten and I had dragged it across the city a couple of times. So imagine it in all it’s glory before it got sliced into!

The cake recipe is a chocolate chiffon cake from a cookbook I got for my birthday from my roommate and her bf. I plan on writing a review later for it. So stay tuned.





Never underestimate the power of a balloon

St. Patrick’s Day!!!! I’m sneaking this blog post in using the default “within a calendar week of my last post”  After I finish I’m going to head to the kitchen to make these tasty looking mint chocolate chip cookies.

Though I want to tell you a story of what I’ve been up to.

There is the guy I want to be friends with. He is funny, into woodworking, always has the best Internet clips/pictures. Did I mention he makes awesome things out of wood?? AND owns a lot of tools. It happened a few weeks ago he was heading to Toronto and I asked if I could hitch a ride. On the way back, he didn’t take any gas money but suggested I bake him something.

SOLD! After all, most of my friends and family are overwhelmed with the treats I try to pawn off share with them. Knowing that he was heading away for a work trip I thought it would be awesome to leave a package of goodies at his door for when he got back in the wee hours of the night.

The goods:

Lemon Tartlets with Meringue Caps:  I’ve been wanting to make these forever. Though, they were a pretty big fail on my part. The meringue caps browned, I didn’t have the brioche dishes to form the crust into adorable little dishes. They ended up with weird shaped forms. The lemon curd was fine. Though I still included it in the package. Not put together but with instructions.

Snickerdoodle Blondies: I’ve fallen in love with tons of the recipes on The Brown Eyed Baker’s blog and is the inspiration behind my bucket list of food goods. These came out well enough, a little overdone. I have not mastered the art of squares.

Doughnuts:  I have wanted a mini doughnut pan forever but I finally gave up on my search and bough this pan. It comes with a basic recipe and directions on how to do powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar and chocolate glaze. So I threw in a few of those. They are yummy but next time I’m going to attempt these pumpkin ones.

Finally and what made the whole package was these peanut butter things.OMG! They were fantastic! The recipe also took up almost all of the cookie cutters I own.

I threw them in the freezer for a bit and WOW… these are the only pictures that came out from all of the baking. I really need to learn to take pictures with my camera and not my poor iphone 3G.

I felt a little creeper-ish leaving the whole package, including the wonderful truck balloon at his door at about 10pm but the next day, I woke up to this:

So. Finally made it home, after many delays, frustrations, and annoyances. After that, I was in a bit of a foul mood. So, imagine my surprise when I found, sitting on my front porch, a helium balloon attached to a big tupperware container full of raw sugar, in the form of ubertasty treats from the great baker, Cassandra Wilson! Thanks for brightening my day girl!

So yay for warm fuzzies!!!! Also look at the fantastic skull cookie cutter I got for Christmas from my sisters.

It turns out there was enough of the peanut butter stuff that I managed to have my own share and take a bunch to work. Though I did switch the recipe up a bit by using speckled candy melts. Mainly because that was what I had. I can’t wait to make these again.

Hello world! Taking bets…

Well I suppose it is about time I jump on the blog bandwagon. I don’t want to drive all my FB friends away by forever posting wonderful and delicious pictures of baked goods or multiple detailed pictures of crafts. My goal is to update once a week with something– be it a rant or new craft pictures.

I’m also a MA student so of course I need another thing to do besides my thesis.
Back to taking bets… I wonder how often people start blogs and never get past the first year. Though I made it past that on Twitter- that counts for something right??