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Emily’s birthday cake

Earlier in the summer I complained to a friend that I was dying to make a cake. It had been forever since I had done it. So she suggested I bake one for her cottage weekend at the end of September. She started sending me amazing looking recipes to cakes that she liked.

Closer to the date she dropped the bomb that it was going to have to be gf & df…. so I picked a recipe I thought I could convert and still taste yummy. It was Megan’s PB Cake

After dropping some coin at a local health food store I was informed that I could go back to gluten and dairy filled… but I decided to keep the same cake…cause lets be honest, it looks fantastic.

I baked the cake a few days before and made the ganache and icing at the cottage. A cottage I might add that I didn’t need to bring any cake tools up cause it was fully loaded!


The assembly. I had a devil’s food cake layer and the recipe layer (I might have damaged a layer in transit but been prepared with backups.

It was hard keeping everyone’s fingers out of the pb icing putting this together but I managed to save enough.


I don’t know why I had so much ganache! I poured the whole thing on… maybe next time I would make only half.



Everyone had leftovers to take home!  Thankfully! Cause I didn’t want it coming home with me. The cookies were also a hit!



It is official. I have a cake wreck.

I’m sure you know all about Cake Wrecks. Now I have my own, unfortunately I can’t submit it to the website because it was a cake I made for my youngest sister’s birthday.

This is what she asked for:  Back in February! So when her birthday rolled around two weeks ago I felt the pressure to actually produce it. Let me tell you that August has not been a good month for me, I had a minor procedure the Wednesday and I was leaving for Toronto 7 am Friday morning. I was unprepared. Thursday I decided to throw the cake together.

I know, I know.

Bad idea.

A good friend of mine baked the cake and when I got home from work late Thursday I went to work.

It was downhill from there… I mixed too much chocolate into the white fondant and ended up with what I would like to call the poo cake.
Here it is Internet– probably forever. My poor sister’s cake wreck.


Funny thing is, my other sister pointed out that I never made her a cake so I know what I’l be up to in early March. Maybe I should start  planning now, that way I won’t have an excuse.


Anyways… the actual cake tasted good. White cake with lemon curd and lemon buttercream (the buttercream was the best part).



It is your birthday

I have a dry sense of humour. Another confession– I think I am hilarious, even when no one else is laughing. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do this cake for someone though.

Not sure how many people would find it as fantastic as I do. I suppose next year I could do it with  It is my birthday”

Is there a ridiculous cake you want to make? What is it?

If it is GF, DF, Egg Free– what is left?

My birthday was at the start of the month– Happy Birthday to me! And I was spending the morning w my roommate and awesome friend so I thought a coffee cake was in order but my roommate is gluten free, dairy free and now egg free. I had been slacking in the baking department since she went egg free because I was intimidated, two major changes– sure no problem but for some reason the egg threw me for a loop but I really wanted coffee cake and I wanted something all of us could eat, so I went to the internet.

I found this recipe and thought it seemed simple enough to handle the massive overhaul of changes I would have to make.

After halfing the recipe I got this: 

To answer my question — there is lots of butter and sugar left. Butter is on the okay list of roommate friendly foods. In the end I used coconut milk as the dairy substitute, a mixture of brown rice, white rice flour and flax seed for the flour (I didn’t want to use cornstarch because…) for the egg substitute I used an egg replacer which is cornstarch heavy.

In my research I also found this on Pinterest a friendly egg substitution handy breakdown on my board & here .

All in all– decent. I actually have to admit I used too much flax seed. I might have a little obsession with it though. The crumble on top was fantastic and would be amazing on a cobbler!
Random other baking– I made this one for a BBQ.


and it had to be dairy free… so I opened can’s of coconut milk and after it sat in the fridge over night, I took the cream and whipped it for filling. It took two cans to do the cake and I felt it was a little skimpy. This picture is the day after it was mostly eaten and I had dragged it across the city a couple of times. So imagine it in all it’s glory before it got sliced into!

The cake recipe is a chocolate chiffon cake from a cookbook I got for my birthday from my roommate and her bf. I plan on writing a review later for it. So stay tuned.