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So I’m not allowed to start an Esty shop until I finish my thesis but they do have some excellent resources on how to get started and how to improve your shop.

Mashable has a beginners guide here


Happy Sales


crafting rut

Is Pinterest taking up to much of your time?

Is your pile of craft supplies left to gather dust?

I’m having that problem and that nothing seems to be working out lately! It is frustrating. I have a baby shower this weekend where I have to drop off my gift Thursday. I’m working with a medium I love– felt! But I’m having a hard time getting it done and even piecing together how I want it to look!

Then I thought well I could work with some clay and do a couple small trinket dishes I had to do. And I got a couple baked but I’m just not happy with them. How do you get over this rut?

Maybe I need to try a new medium? Or just pretend I don’t have these looming deadlines?

Though… with that said I am very excited about other people’s crafts! I won a gift from Manusmade and I am so excited for it to come.

I also got my stamp from Hampton Art FINALLY… it is pretty plain and I just plan on using it to stamp mostly the baked goods I make. 

Pinterest: Inspiration or?

I have pinned hundreds of things to my account  www.pinterest.com/cass_wilson.  I don’t use it  as a sm tool but mostly as reminders of things I want to do/make/inspiration. Though I’ve been having this problem when I try to find things I know I’ve pinned and I can’t find it among my boards! I really wish they would allow multiple board tagging. Also I’ve only made a fraction of the things I’ve pinned.

How do you feel about Pinterest?

After a stressful week

sometimes all you need is some light cross stitching.


Hello world! Taking bets…

Well I suppose it is about time I jump on the blog bandwagon. I don’t want to drive all my FB friends away by forever posting wonderful and delicious pictures of baked goods or multiple detailed pictures of crafts. My goal is to update once a week with something– be it a rant or new craft pictures.

I’m also a MA student so of course I need another thing to do besides my thesis.
Back to taking bets… I wonder how often people start blogs and never get past the first year. Though I made it past that on Twitter- that counts for something right??