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If it is GF, DF, Egg Free– what is left?

My birthday was at the start of the month– Happy Birthday to me! And I was spending the morning w my roommate and awesome friend so I thought a coffee cake was in order but my roommate is gluten free, dairy free and now egg free. I had been slacking in the baking department since she went egg free because I was intimidated, two major changes– sure no problem but for some reason the egg threw me for a loop but I really wanted coffee cake and I wanted something all of us could eat, so I went to the internet.

I found this recipe and thought it seemed simple enough to handle the massive overhaul of changes I would have to make.

After halfing the recipe I got this: 

To answer my question — there is lots of butter and sugar left. Butter is on the okay list of roommate friendly foods. In the end I used coconut milk as the dairy substitute, a mixture of brown rice, white rice flour and flax seed for the flour (I didn’t want to use cornstarch because…) for the egg substitute I used an egg replacer which is cornstarch heavy.

In my research I also found this on Pinterest a friendly egg substitution handy breakdown on my board & here .

All in all– decent. I actually have to admit I used too much flax seed. I might have a little obsession with it though. The crumble on top was fantastic and would be amazing on a cobbler!
Random other baking– I made this one for a BBQ.


and it had to be dairy free… so I opened can’s of coconut milk and after it sat in the fridge over night, I took the cream and whipped it for filling. It took two cans to do the cake and I felt it was a little skimpy. This picture is the day after it was mostly eaten and I had dragged it across the city a couple of times. So imagine it in all it’s glory before it got sliced into!

The cake recipe is a chocolate chiffon cake from a cookbook I got for my birthday from my roommate and her bf. I plan on writing a review later for it. So stay tuned.