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Progress: Baby Shower gift completed

I’ve been lacking motivation. It is beautiful outside and after my horrible time trying to make the clay bowls I wasn’t feeling optimistic about my to do list.

A girlfriend had requested a mobile for her new baby. The first space ship themed one was actually what started my love affair with felt. Primitive I know but hey… :p

I wanted to do something similar to this sheep mobile but her Evernote had a couple of ideas for mobiles  and none were that one. She had this one and tons of variations of this one . So I found this tutorial and thought… I liked the shape of her clouds 🙂 I printed the clouds on both landscape and portrait… I opted to use the smaller cloud cause I wanted to make several but I used raindrops in both sizes.

A couple of weekends ago I got started on some cutting.









And boy did I cut. Apparently I was a little over eager on the amount of raindrops I would need cause I only ended up uses 18!

This is what I ended with:

Next time I wouldn’t  wrap the hoop with SMALL ribbon. I was cursing myself for only only thin and Christmas stuff. The only hoop I had that was the right size though was the bright pink one. I hope I pulled off the trying to make it look like this. lol

Things I did:

I used a machine to sew up the clouds but I left the rough edges, I thought it added to the cloud image. I also used 3 different types of white felt. I mixed and matched the fronts and backs. You can’t really tell on my iphone pics but it adds a bit in person.

I used similar coloured embroidery floss to attach the rain drops to the clouds.

I added a bit of fabric stiffner to each rain drop. Perhaps next time I would use two pieces and hand stitch them together with some stuffing.

Also, I had a horrible time keeping them untangled. wrapping it I just but each cloud in its own thing but untangling the six threads will be a little difficult.

I haven’t been able to give it to the mamma yet. Hopefully she likes it.


crafting rut

Is Pinterest taking up to much of your time?

Is your pile of craft supplies left to gather dust?

I’m having that problem and that nothing seems to be working out lately! It is frustrating. I have a baby shower this weekend where I have to drop off my gift Thursday. I’m working with a medium I love– felt! But I’m having a hard time getting it done and even piecing together how I want it to look!

Then I thought well I could work with some clay and do a couple small trinket dishes I had to do. And I got a couple baked but I’m just not happy with them. How do you get over this rut?

Maybe I need to try a new medium? Or just pretend I don’t have these looming deadlines?

Though… with that said I am very excited about other people’s crafts! I won a gift from Manusmade and I am so excited for it to come.

I also got my stamp from Hampton Art FINALLY… it is pretty plain and I just plan on using it to stamp mostly the baked goods I make. 

Why don’t you make more things for yourself??

A question someone asked me recently. I plan on making tons of things for myself but they usually just get put at the bottom of the pile with birthday’s, Christmas, baby and wedding showers. Then tonight while I was frustrated with my embroidery needles falling apart I threw together a quick felt needle book. Nothing big and I free handed cut it– my grade 3 teacher told me I couldn’t cut a straight a line and she was right. 




Felt Camera Case

Is it only just me that get’s so behind on craft’s that I end up mailing them months after the event?

Last November my sister sent me this link

And asked if I could make her one for Christmas. I bought some felt and never got around to it. Well, I can partially blame her cause she never got back to me with the measurements of her point and shoot. :p

So suddenly it is May and she is about to leave on a pretty epic two week adventure so I thought I would throw it together this afternoon.

I’m envisioning pink and purple ones…. I also have this picture saved to my felt board 

Throw it together really being the truth. My stitching was really, really off and I free handed the cutting but all in all, I think it will work for her. It was a good first go. The pictures are just taken with my phone and the dimensions look a little off because I was trying to keep the velcro pieces on the back from touching each other cause the fabric glue hadn’t dried yet.