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Wedding Cakes

Oh the pressure! Being asked to do someones special cake on the big day. I’m new to cake decorating I want to make beautiful creations for people’s special day. It turns out my cousin is getting married in a couple weeks and my mother is holding a small reception for them the next long weekend. I need to come up with something to feed about 25 people and have the colour lilac.

I’m not sure about the type of flower I’m doing– I was thinking about trying this lilac flower.

I’ve only done two other wedding like cakes.

The first was a three tiered vanilla cake with Dulce de leche for a wedding reception. The fondant began white and the rolling in the blue took forever! I also think my favourite baking partner wanted to kill me that day!


The second pictures are from one of my best friend’s wedding cake last August. I made a bunch of cupcakes, a small cake for her son and a massive Vanilla and lemon curd cake. The flowers are lilies and hydrangeas, the wedding colours were light blue and lilac. The ribbon is just ribbon at the bottom… only not edible thing. 

The lilies though were a fun process to make– even though only a few made it on the cake. I made a ton! Each had 12 different pieces!





The best thing about doing these cakes is I seem to be working for tools. I got a cake stand and circle pans for the first cake And square pans for the second one. I really do need a tilting decorating stand– any takers? :op